underwater / disci


aluprint (disci)

print on alu dibond

modern uv print technology on platin white enamel grounded alu dibond plate. its matt finish goes very well with the plain but expressive idea i have of my work.

a solid wood frame surrounds the motive with a 4 mm wide profile. it is available in black or white.


wooden plate (disci)

print on wooden plate

your art of choice on a 19mm thick anthracite grey wooden plate is a frameless and classic way of presenting your motiv.


Fine Art
	Print (disci)

uv fine art print

image carrier is a uv -foto paper (135 m2) it is coated and therefor very robust.


underwater/disci (original)

inspired by the falling color you can watch at the startpage, i wanted to transport the colors movement aswell as the weightlessness caused by the element water. it's a pity you cant freeze a time segment but i tried my best to come close.